Websites, books and articles.

Joe Morlan's web site,
Rare birds sightings in California, county birding, photo gallery of rarities. Information on Joe's Classes held at SF State. Membership of California Rare Bird Committees.  A great resource!
Denise Wight's Birding Pages,
Classes taught by Denise, including bird sounds. Recent field trip info, nice pictures by Dave Furseth.
East Bay Birding Information,
this is a listing of unusual birds seen in the Bay Area. To post a sighting, send e-mail to
California Birding Hotspots,
Just what the name says.
Cornell University and Citizen Science,
Projects for backyard feeding, observation, counting and more.
Barn Owls in Berkeley,
Website of a small band of birding enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the population of Barn Owls that call (if they could) Berkeley their home.
Books and Articles
The Shorebird Guide, Michael O'Brien, Richard Crossley and Kevin Karlson, Houghton Mifflin, 2006
Hundreds of beautiful shorebird photos, with descriptions of status, taxonomy, behavior, migration and molt of North American shorebirds.
Gathering of Angels, Migrating Birds and their Ecology, Kenneth P. Able, Ed., Comstock Books, 1999
How birds migrate, and stories of selected species migrations.
Living on the Wind, Scott Weidensaul, North Point Press, 1999
Migration strategies, conservation issues, scientific methods.

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How to report banded birds

SFBA Bird Photographers

Bay Area Bird Photographers is a group of local photographers sponsored by the Santa Clara Audubon Society.

Here are some local bird photographers

Eleanor Briccetti   F
Ashok Khosla   F
Peter LaTourette
Bob Lewis   F
Jim Scarff   F
Yamil Saenz F
Glen Tepke   F

Bird Alerts

Sialia, a summary of all California rare bird alerts

Northern California RBA transcribed by Calvin Lou